Bike Beitostølen

The Path

We strive to give you an extraordinary mountain bike experience.

All though Beitostølen as a mountain bike destination is the new kid on the block, we have been in the game for a long time. We have picked up our teaching styles, our thoughts on risk management and our way of shaping a good old berm from all over the world,
From different paths, Different people, different places.

At busy times we use Well qualified, experienced and not least mountain loving external guides but most times you’ll meet us, the owners:



Kasper is a bike geek in the truest form and one of the most well educated instructors Scandinavia has to offer. He is a NMIG and EO-mtbing lvl 4 instructor and has taken part in developing a European Mountain bike and guide standard in both Norway and Denmark.

He has completed the PMBI lvl 2 course in Whistler, Canada, has an outdoor educator degree as well as wilderness first aid and has been teaching and riding all over the world.

Currently he is busy digging or drawing as the construction manager and designer of Beitostølen Trail Arena - well when not sneaking off to ride his bike.



Wis has been leading numerous month long expeditions into the rocky mountains as a mountain instructor for The National Outdoor Leadership School, wy. Put differently: She is always up for a good adventure.

She has the NMIG lvl 1 standard and as a mountain bike instructor she values well prepped teaching and an inclusive vibe.

This year she hosted a Womens’ Rock & roots ride at the danish mountainbike festival and got more than 40 women through some really gnarly terrain with really good vibes.
Wis is also a teacher in sports and an experienced Wilderness First Responder.